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More semantics

Some more comments:

- I am unable to figure out what this means from the context:

  "... and the marks match if the marks recorded
  with the substitution are the same as those that
  appear below, i.e., were applied before the substitution in the wrap."

- Does the SRFI specify how the bound identifiers in macro-generated
  DEFINEs are treated?  Some current implementations make them
  secret, others not.  This is one of Oleg's "dark unspecified corners".

- I'm not sure how the following is supposed to be treated:

  (define else #f)
  (case 0 (else (write "oops")))

  Will it lead to a syntax error the same way as:

  (let ([else #f])
    (case 0 [else (write "oops")]))

- Erratum:  In the following, the last occurrence of "datum" shold be

  "It returns a syntax object representation of datum that contains the same
   contextual information as template-id, with the
   effect that the syntax object behaves as if it were introduced into the code
   when datum was introduced."