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Re: New draft

On 5/5/06, Marc Feeley <feeley@iro.umontreal.ca> wrote:

The new syntax does away with the `#!optional', `#!key' and `#!rest'
markers.  Instead, a syntax that is inspired from EBNF is used to
denote optional parts (square brackets in the parameter list around
the optional parameters).  Moreover, to reinforce the similarity
between the appearance of `defines' and the call site, named
parameters are specified in the parameter list by giving both the
keyword and the variable corresponding to that parameter.  Finally,
the approach now supports required named parameters.  All the details
are given in the SRFI document.

This is very much an improvement over the previous spec, even though
I still think it is too complicated: do named required arguments really
occur often enough to merit their support? Doing away with them also
would allow keyword-style marker objects that are not keywords (if I understand
the grammar correctly).