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Re: Alternative formulations of keywords

On 12-Apr-06, at 9:35 AM, John Cowan wrote:

There remains #2, which converts keyword-argument pairs to a-lists.
This requires only that it be lexically apparent what is and what is not a keyword, not that the actual set of keywords for a function be known.
(Still awaiting a use case for (foo bar baz zam) where baz evaluates
to a keyword at runtime.)

I will also formally add #3 now, in which the keywords are syntactic
sugar for procedure *names* like foo:bar:baz:zam:.

Can you explain precisely which problem you are trying to solve? It is still unclear to me wether you are trying to:

1) find an alternative mechanism that avoids the need for keyword objects (i.e. you view foo: as a symbol and want to keep it that way)

2) find an alternative mechanism that avoids the proposed parameter list syntax (with #!key, etc)

3) find an alternative implementation of the SRFI (i.e. you are OK with the specification)