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Re: complexity of mechanism

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On 11-Apr-06, at 5:38 PM, Taylor R. Campbell wrote:

I'd like to see some compelling examples that demand named parameters
and for which alists of options would not suffice, perhaps for
performance reasons or otherwise.  In my experience I can't recall
ever having found any good ones, really; do you have any particularly
compelling examples where you found named parameters with this
mechanism much more appropriate than any other mechanism, or than
separate procedures to do different jobs?

I hate to say this but... SRFI-88 and SRFI-89 were submitted along with 2 other SRFIs which are good cases for the use of named optional parameters:

  - Extensible hash table constructor
  - Extended ports

Could you please wait for these SRFIs to appear and repeat the question if you still find that the examples given are not compelling.