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Re: historical rationale?

Taylor R. Campbell wrote:
I looked, by the way, into some old mail archives, dating back to
1983, and couldn't find any discussion of the rationale for =>.
From MIT AI Memo 452 (RRS), p. 13:

This COND is a superset of the MacLISP COND. [...] The extension to the MacLISP COND made in SCHEME is flagged by the atom =>. [...] In this sitation the form /f/ following the => should have as its value a function of one argument; if the predicate /p/ is non-NIL, this function is determined and invoked on the value returne dby the predicate. This is useful for the common sutation encountered in LISP:


which in SCHEME can be rendered without using a variable global to the COND:

       => (LAMBDA (IT) (HACK IT)))

or, in this specific instance, simply as:


[end quote]

Steele and Sussman also present a variant of IF called TEST that works similarly.