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Re: order of evaluation

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 * From: Jorgen Schaefer <forcer@xxxxxxxxx>
 | Actually, I would also recommend using a longer name than ALET
 | unless the A has some specific semantic that eludes me at the
 | moment. MU-LET for example would be much more expressive as to the
 | use of the LET form.

ALET means Another (or All ?) LET.
MU-LET also seems to be good.
 | Also, is there any reason why you define MU and NU as syntax, and
 | not as procedures?

(define mu*
  (lambda args
    (lambda (f) (apply f args))))

((mu* 1 2 3) list)			=> (1 2 3)
((apply mu* 1 '(2 3)) list)		=> (1 2 3)

Although MU* can be substituted for MU and NU, MU* is much slower than MU.


Joo ChurlSoo