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Re: order of evaluation

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 *Sebastian Egner <sebastian.egner@xxxxxxxxxxx>
 | What is the rationale for fixing a specific order of evaluation?

The expressions for LET bindings are evaluated sequentially from left to right
implicitly in most implementations and explicitly in a certain implementaton,
though R5RS said explicitly `in some unspecified order'.  This can make users
to involuntarily (or by necessity) write programs that rely on the sequential
ordering of evaluation.  So, the expressions for ALET bindings are evaluated
in sequence from left to right like ALET* and LET*.

As I don't think that the <some unspecified order> of LET means a pure random
order that is neither sequential from left to right nor sequential from right
to left, I wonder what the rationale for <unspecified order> evaluation of LET

Joo ChurlSoo