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Re: politics etc. (usual top-posting apology)

On 2/1/06, Thomas Lord <lord@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Suppose that I say:
>      tom-lord-of-gnu-guile-fame:
> is the root of a name-space which is mine [...]
> If my evil twin in East Buttfudge, PA makes a competing claim
> to the name, at least the community has rigorous mechanism for
> speaking precisely about the debate.

Sure, this is likely to work well.  It's still not by any reasonable
definition "secure."  It's susceptible to phishing and there's no way
to build automated verification systems off of it - software isn't
aware of the community sentiment that


belongs to you and not your evil twin, whether both are signed or
otherwise.  Unless, of course, you establish a trusted authority which
can be used for verification. That's the whole point of Zooko's

I'm not actually arguing that we need to secure the names, I just
wanted to make clear what it meant to do so.