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Re: politics etc. (usual top-posting apology)

On 2/1/06, bear <bear@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Feb 2006, Alex Shinn wrote:
> > I'm claiming that to be secure there must be a unique mapping from
> > name to entity, and this has to be _verifiable_ by automated means.
> > In terms of Zooko's Triangle, the verification can either be
> > decentralized (by making the name itself a signature), or
> > human-readable, by establishing a trusted authority which can answer
> > "who does this name belong to?" but you can't have both.
> So no anonymous authors of code can exist in a secure system?
> I don't actually like that definition.

"Secure" means the name is authenticated to belong to some entity.
This doesn't include a definition of "entity."  The entity could
simply be a public key, anonymously uploaded to an authority (or just
floated out on the web if using a decentralized system).

And I reiterate, this is only about the security of the _name_ itself,
not the code.