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Re: The politics and other realities of names....

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On 2/1/06, Ray Blaak <blaak@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >Now consider that, unlike Java, we actually write reusable code, and
> >share modules with third parties.  So Acme.com may import Bob's List
> >Library.
> >
> But not over the net. You can't do that reliably in general or even
> usually, unless the library in question is from a stable well known
> place. "Versionitus" requires that testing needs to be done before you
> know your code works with the library.

Well, this is all in the future hypothetical situation I began with
"Imagine," where we're already looking at the most liberal and
automated code access tolerable.  In this scenario, all modules are
signed and verified.  Adding versioning info (as PLT's Planet does)
would certainly be possible, but more simply if modules import via a
full-code signature, then you don't even need version numbers.

Either way, there's certainly no need to rely on a "stable well known
place," that's just one of the possibilities, which conflicts with
the goal of being decentralized.