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Re: Delegating ownership of namespaces named through schemers.org

Andrew Wilcox wrote:

I haven't thought about what a schemers.org library registry might
look like in any kind of detail, but what I had in mind was along
these lines.

You might want to take a look at what we're doing with PLaneT, PLT's CPAN-like package repository (http://planet.plt-scheme.org/). We use a central authority to hand out names and we file packages into categories, but we separate those two features from each other --- if you submit a package X.plt, its _name_ will be something like ("wilcox" "X.plt") but it might be _filed under_ database tools, or
metaprogramming, or maybe even both.

I'm not a fan of baking content-related hierarchies directly into package names --- many packages don't fit neatly into one
category, and even worse if a package's purpose migrates over time,
either its name will become misleading or it will have to change. And
the advantages you get over having a taxonomy that's just overlaid seems minimal; you might get a little extra readability in code you've written, but in practice that doesn't seem to be a big problem