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why have any restrictions?

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Ray Blaak writes:

> Why so many restrictions?
> But some of the restrictions need unnecessary.
> Who cares if there at dots in names? web:plt.org:extensions seems ok.
> Why does :: need to be special? If a library foo:bar is registered, then
> foo:bar:more is just as expression and clash free as foo:bar::more.
> What is wrong with saying things like srfi-73x?

I think you're probably right that there are more restictions than
there needs to be.

I wanted to A) ensure that there would be no possiblity of conflicts between the
different naming schemes, and B) I'm lazy, so I didn't want to have to
think too hard.

If I was a mathematician or a computer scientist, or even very
logically minded, I imagine it would be pretty easy to come up with a
proof that, given some small set of minimal restrictions, there would
still be no possibility of conflicts.

Unless someone comes forward with help for such a proof, then at some
point I'm doomed to have to sit down and think hard about which
restrictions can be removed and how to figure out that I'm certain
there still won't be any possibility of conflicts.

I'd like to put off thinking hard as long as possible, because we
might decide to change the proposal anyway (perhaps, for example,
we'll replace HTTP URL's with something else, or make them look less
like URL's, or something), and I'd hate to have to think hard twice.