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Re: Overuse of strings

I just felt obligated to put in my $.02 here and join in opposing the
string syntax for <lib-path>. It is decidedly un-schemish.

Strings are for I/O: they are character sequences that contain data that
is transmitted to humans, the operating system or to other processes,
They should not be used as identifiers (symbols and unique
heap-allocated objects are for that), nor as containers of structured
data (list structures are for that).

>From the SRFI:

(library "hello" "scheme://r6rs"
    (display "Hello World")

Here "hello" is used as an identifier: we are not the least bit
interested in the fact that it begins with 'h' and ends with 'o', we are
only interested in whether someone imports a library with exactly the
same name or not.

Likewise, "scheme://r6rs" is used to represent structured data: it is an
URI with the scheme "scheme" and the authority "r6rs". Again, the
textual contents of each of these components aren't interesting, merely
the facts that both of these are identifiers with a special meaning.

So I suggest

"hello"         -> hello
"scheme://r6rs" -> (scheme r6rs)

Only users of lesser programming languages are forced to stick with
strings to represent identifiers and structured data. We have symbols
and s-exps. Let's use them.