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Re: Independent optimizing compilation

On Mon, 26 Dec 2005, Ray Blaak wrote:

> Excellent post; it lays out the issues nicely.

Actually, it lays out a *TINY* tiny fraction of the issues nicely.
I've been wrestling with modularity myself, and I can say that
namespace control is only a tiny fraction.  Inter-module macrology
is a complex and nuanced topic with hair far longer than mere name
space control.

> The only thing is, how many years do we need? Haven't the problems and
> tradeoffs been clear for a while now? Will a few more years really
> change anything?

Almost definitely yes.  There've been recent demonstrations of new
thinking and new directions in module systems.  It remains to be
seen whether these actually clarify things or further murkify them,
but the field has not stagnated.