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Re: Questions, loose ends, misprints, etc.

Andre van Tonder wrote:
Here are a few questions and possible loose ends that occurred to me while reading the document. Some of these may of course only reflect a lack of understanding on my part:

- Can I shadow CAR from the R6RS language, either with an import or a local definition? This kind of thing is potentially useful. However, the document says: "No identifier can be imported multiple times...", which seems to preclude this, unless the "language" is conceptually not an import?

How about:

(library "minir6rs" "scheme://r6rs"
  ; export all names in r6rs except CAR
  (export + - ... ))

(libray "myr6rs" "scheme://r6rs"
  (import "minir6rs")
  ; export all names in r6rs
  (export + - ...))

It is a bit cumbersome to be so explicit. Perhaps
<export-set> could be extend with an (all-from <lib-path>)

Jens Axel Søgaard