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updated srfi-64 available

This page is part of the web mail archives of SRFI 78 from before July 7th, 2015. The new archives for SRFI 78 contain all messages, not just those from before July 7th, 2015.

I've asked the editors to upload the new files, but until they do
you can get the specification from http://per.bothner.com/scm-testing.html
Other files, also at http://per.bothner.com/:
  testing.scm          (reference implementation)
  srfi-64-test.scm     (meta testsuite)
  srfi-25-test.scm     (example testsuite)

One of Sebastian's complaints that I've tried to work on is
make it clearer which are "basic test-suite" functionality
(in the "Writing basic test suites" section), and which are more
advanced features.

Otherwise, I haven't yet done much to integrate srfi-78 functionality,
but I certainly would be happy to work with Sebastian to do so,
if he should want to.
	--Per Bothner
per@xxxxxxxxxxx   http://per.bothner.com/