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Re: SRFI 78 draft extension

David Van Horn wrote:
The draft period for SRFI 78: Lightweight testing has been extended
until January 31.  Unless significant issues are raised between now and
then, it is likely to be finalized.

A significant issue has been raised: that it wastefully duplicates
SRFI-64.  I really think it is a bad idea to have two SRFIs for
testing that both have a very similar style.  (I know some people
might like a more "object-oriented" framework such as SchemeUnit.
However SRFI-78 is closer in style to SRFI-64 than to SchemeUnit.)

In addition SRFI-78 is missing some fairly essential functionality.

I've expressed willingness to modify SRFI-64 if it is deficient.
The other complaint about SRFI-64 (besides it's tardiness, I'm sorry)
is that it has too much functionality.  If that is a problem we could
split SRFI-64 into a "test-writer" API and a "test-runner" API.  That
might make it easier for people to digest what they need.  (However, I
would prefer not to have to split the implementation - I don't think
that would be useful.)

Unfortunately, I have not gotten any feedback on these suggestions.
I was hoping for some willingness on Sabastian's to work with us on
getting to a common API, but haven't seen any sign of that.  Sigh.
	--Per Bothner
per@xxxxxxxxxxx   http://per.bothner.com/