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Re: straw-man [was Re: arithmetic issues]

On Jan 23, 2006, at 4:16 PM, Alan Watson wrote:

bear wrote:
So I think that what we have here is motivated by one
problem -- implementations that don't provide the full
numeric tower -- proposes a minimum ground on which to
solve it, and provides the solution given that minimum
ground.  There is no reason once the solution is in
place to leave that ground exposed.

I agree.

I applaud the authors of SRFI-77 for providing the tools to solve an important problem (implementing the full tower). However, once they've solved the problem, I'd like them to put their tools away tidily.

I don't like metaphors, as I'm tempted to reply in kind, and I find that I'm not nearly as poetic as others.

So let me just say---these tools are useful in many other application domains, not just in building the full numeric tower, and I want them available for use in these other application domains.