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Re: safe/unsafe mode

On Tue, 22 Nov 2005, Michael Sperber wrote:

>I may be misunderstanding you, or you might hold your position in
>light of this interpretation.  (The same holds for everyone else on
>the list.)  It'd be useful to know, so I encourage people to post.

The appropriate use I can think of for safe and unsafe modes would be
debugging programs.  And that is done on the basis of individual files
and modules.

I don't disagree with your semantics for safe and unsafe mode - basically
it's just a switch and when it's on most errors are required to be checked
for and signalled - but I do think that if it's defined globally now,
it will have to be redefined on the basis of files and modules later.

It's not a bad idea; I just want to see R6RS and a functioning module
system to integrate it with before pushing forward.