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Re: Common Lisp solved this problem 20 years ago

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Aubrey Jaffer wrote:
Are you suggesting that we have syntax specific to the SRFI-77
categories; or a general type declaration system?

If type inference is a general problem, why not provide a general solution?

Or, if a general type mechanism is too radical, why not use a subset to solve the particular problem for arithmetic in R6RS and leave the rest to R7RS. If you have forms that declare certain named variables are fixnums/flonums and that certain expressions yield fixnums/flonums, you are most of the way there. These can probably be provided in a way that can be transparently extended to real types.

Specific sounds good to me.  Can you propose a specific set of

There are examples of type declarations in Common Lisp, Dylan, Kawa, Bigloo, and I am sure other lisps. Let's look at them before we try to invent something new.

Per, would you summarize the syntax and semantics of type declarations in Kawa, please?


Dr Alan Watson
Centro de Radioastronomía y Astrofísica
Universidad Astronómico Nacional de México