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Re: arithmetic issues

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bear scripsit:

> As for strings, pfah.  If you work in corpus linguistics it's not
> too uncommon to have literally millions of characters in a string.
> I'd really hate to see strings limited to 1023 characters.

Can you live with 2^24?

> >> Being error objects, syntax for NaNs should be unspecified.
> >I don't see how that follows.
> He means that NaNs should arise from error operations, not from
> the normal functioning of the reader.  If (read) returns an error
> object, it should mean that (read) encountered an error.

Since NaN is part of the prescribed behavior of IEEE floats, it is
not an error object in that sense; in particular there are operations
defined on NaN that do not produce NaN, notably the relational ones.

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