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Re: Arithmetic issues - feedback

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 Mike Sperber wrote:
 > Now, the Issues section in the SRFI is pretty long.  We were hoping to
 > get some feedback on where people stand on these issues...
 - Should a minimum precision be required for fixnums or flonums? 
   I would prefer not (principle of sufficient reason - von Leibniz ;-)
 - Generic arithmetic: I prefer possibility 4 (R5RS-style Generic Arithmetic). 
 - The x|53 mantissa default seems arbitrary and I'd rather see it
   unspecified (principle of sufficient reason).
 - Should R6RS allow other inexact reals beside the flonums?
   I don't know, but a related question:  Does the spec in principle
   disallow extensions for exact reals that are not exact rationals, 
   in the sense of Edalat, Potts, etc.?  
   (See e.g. http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~ae/exact-computation/ ).