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record-mutator vs record-modifier

Many of the names of the procedural layer match those of
the "record" feature in SLIB, which I believe is based on
Pavel Curtis  1989 proposal.

(Some of these functions are different, but I believe an
implementation could overload both the old and the new specifications.)

However, SRFI-76 uses record-mutator where SLIB uses record-modifier.
Is there any reason for the for this difference?  I think that the
old name is better than the new name, so why change it?  I gues the
word "modifier" is somewhat overloaded (it could also be something
like an adjective or adverb that modifies some other action), but
at least it's a "real word", unlike "mutator".  The arguments either
way don't seem strong either way, which argues for using the old name,
especially given that other record-XXX functions keep the old names.
	--Per Bothner
per@xxxxxxxxxxx   http://per.bothner.com/