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Revision of SRFI 76 available

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There's a modest revision of SRFI 76 up at:


I've tried to distill most of what I felt came out of the discussion
into the issues.

The actual changes are:

- I've added a LET clause.
  (knowing that we'll need to do something about multiple values at
  some point)

- I've changed the default for the syntactic layers to opaque.

- I've changed the syntax of the OPAQUE and SEALED clauses to carry a
  boolean operand.

- I've changed the semantics of field-id to always be local to the
  specified rtd, rather than global.  This makes it easier to later
  extend the abstractions to multiple inheritance, should anyone ever
  want to do so, and leaves less room for ambiguity.

- The field names passed to MAKE-RECORD-TYPE-DESCRIPTOR are now
  required to be distinct.

As should be clear, the thing is still far from done.

Those of you in favor of adding functional update might start thinking
about suitable extensions of the syntactic layers.  (I intend to be
lazy about this until at least mid-November---I currently have to get
off a beach towel even to write this.)

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, Völkerverständigung und überhaupt blabla