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Re: Pains from duplicate field names [Miscellaneous loose ends]

On Fri, 7 Oct 2005, Michael Sperber wrote:

Andre van Tonder <andre@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

- Why do the field /name/s in the procedural layer /not/ need to be
  I could see this feature causing lots of pain.

What kinda pain?

[... lots ...]

So I believe the positive rationale is that the field names might get
generated by a macro based on the number of fields, where it's
difficult to impossible (SYNTAX-RULES) or awkward (SYNTAX-CASE) to
generate unique names.  You got any answers for that?

I don't quite understand. In this case, could you not generate the names at runtime when executing make-record-type? Since with the current SRFI, your hypothetical syntax-rules macro presumably will use the same name for all the fields, the symbolic names cannot matter and you'll have to do positional indexing anyway.

I believe something stronger than syntax-rules has to be available anyway just to implement this SRFI, but that's probably beside the point :-)