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Re: missing (or not)?

Sebastian Egner <sebastian.egner@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> * There is no external representation specified for blobs.

This is on purpose.  Same rationale as for SRFI 66.

> * There is no BLOB-COMPARE.

I suppose one could be added, but it's not clear what the right
specification for it is.  I was hoping you'd suggest one.

> * There is are no BLOB->INTEGER and INTEGER->BLOB. (In case there are 
> bignums.)

No, because that would mean specifying a representation for them.
SRFI 56 has operations for that.  Operations for flonums may be even
more important.  But this seems like an appropriate subject for a
separate SRFI or even two of them.  The purview of this one is
strictly the one described in its abstract.

Cheers =8-} Mike
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