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Re: bit or byte?

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I like the idea of bit-resolution binary operations. They make
network-stack implementation, driver-writing, and graphics work much
less painful (although even without them, an adaptation to srfi-74 of
Oleg's bit-reader http://okmij.org/ftp/Scheme/binary-io.html#bit-reader
and some corresponding bit-writer would do very nicely in a pinch).

Sebastian Egner wrote:
> * The implementation is substantially complicated. In particular the COPY!
> operation is not an easy thing to write if it is to be efficient.

That is true; however, there are lots of Smalltalk systems that have
very refined implementations of BitBlt that could be borrowed from. A
nice side effect is that with BitBlt, you suddenly get a Smalltalk-80
like means of doing (admittedly only 1-bit) bitmapped graphics, using
these blob operations :-) (which brings Scheme kicking and screaming
into the early eighties...)

(In fact, the Smalltalk-80 design for class Bitmap is fairly good and
could perhaps be borrowed from?)