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Re: Opaque thought experiment

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Andre van Tonder <andre@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> To make a procedural style of accessing syntax-objects easy, I would
> require syntax versions of all the R5RS list primitives that make sense
>    syntax-null?
>    syntax-list?
>    syntax-car
>    ...
>    syntax-cddddr
>    ....
>    syntax-map
>    syntax-for-each
> Some of these could have been omitted in favour of just using
> syntax->list. However, I am not a big fan of the syntax->list style of
> programming - it incurs an extra code-walking step and it can expose
> too much if we use it to implement things like cadddr or member.

This looks like as if syntactic objects/syntax trees are only
representable as binary trees labeled with symbols (aka Scheme
lists). I wouldn't do that if I ever wrote a Scheme compiler ...

How about specifying an interface for scheme syntax instead. Something
like ...





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