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Re: question on the opaque syntax object debate

On Sun, Aug 21, 2005 at 05:31:29AM -0700, bear wrote:
> In fact, I'll go further.  If compiler/interpreter technology
> advances to the point where the performance benefits (or even
> just 80% or so of them) can be realized without the phase
> separation, I think getting rid of phase separation entirely
> would be The Right Thing for Lisp dialects.

I'm not sure what exactly you refer to with "phase separation" here, but
Lisp's had (macroexpand) and (macroexpand1) for ages.

In fact, it bugs me that R5RS does not say when macros are expanded.
For example, an implementation may freely choose to expand arguments of
(eval) or not to expand them.  Portability, eh?  Unless I'm overlooking


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