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Re: quoted data in macro expansion

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 Per Bothner wrote:
 > Am I correct in understanding that any quoted S-expressions, in either a 
 > macro "parameter" or in a template, is copied? 
 You are.  
 > I don't know if this is a big deal, but it breaks pair identity in cases 
 > where it is preserved in existing implementations.  This seems to make 
 > SRFI-72 essentially incompatible with SRFI-38, in the sense that you 
 > can't use of SRFI-38 shared structure in programs (though it is still 
 > available for external data).  And of course cycles are prohibited.
 Good point.  I assume you mean expressions like
   (define ones (quote #0=(1 . #0#)))
 The procedures that would have to be changed to support this are the 
 current implementations of datum->syntax and syntax->datum, essentially 
 lifting the algorithm of SRFI-38 in the way you suggest.