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Re: How about dropping semi-variable-arity?

Sebastian Egner <sebastian.egner@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote at 2005-05-19T14:12:44+0200:
> Good style, or not, it allows to write
> (let* ((y (foo x))
>        (begin (display y))
>        (z (bar-trashing-argument! y)))
>   z)
> Two downsides: a) Looks funny. b) You cannot bind a variable named 
> 'begin'.
> Any other? If this is all, it could be worth it.

Before adding syntax to "let", is the following idiom satisfactory

    (let* ((y (foo x))
           (z (begin (display y)
                     (bar-trashing-argument! y))))

Or I suppose there's the bind-zero-values case supported by the
implementation I posted yesterday, but its use here is kludgey:

    (let* ((y (foo x))
           (  (begin (display y) (values)))
           (z (bar-trashing-argument! y)))