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Are make-hash-table-maker etc normative?

The reference implementation contains these functions:

(define (make-hash-table-maker comp hash)
  (lambda args (apply make-hash-table (cons comp (cons hash args)))))
(define make-symbol-hash-table
  (make-hash-table-maker eq? symbol-hash))
(define make-string-hash-table
  (make-hash-table-maker string=? string-hash))
(define make-string-ci-hash-table
  (make-hash-table-maker string-ci=? string-ci-hash))
(define make-integer-hash-table
  (make-hash-table-maker = modulo))

They're not mentioned in the specification.  Is this a bug in the
specification or the implementation (i.e. they shouldn't be there)?

I also assume that the hashing function implementations are not
normative.  Specifially, in a Java environment it makes sense to
use the standard hashCode methods.
	--Per Bothner
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