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file options

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> - The procedures for opening files for output now accept a
>   file-options argument.

Sorry to keep bothing you with that, but I noticed two potential problems with the
way this was solved in the SRFI:

1. File options do not have to have an external representation.

2. It is a little tedious to check, but are you sure the file-options are always passed
around with the constructors? Can I retrieve the file-options used for opening a
particular reader/writer/... from the reader/writer/... object?

My point is that it would be a great benefit portability if Scheme systems could
at least *handle* the file options of any other Scheme systems. This idea is
fragile in this sense that it can be broken at any time (e.g. procedures as options),
but this SRFI might be the place to lay down the infrastructure for supporting it.

Apart from that I noticed that the /file-options/ argument is mandatory. Is that really
the intention? Shouldn't it be optional, with the obligation for the implementation
to provide a reasonable default behavior?


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