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Re: Naming poll

Michael Sperber <sperber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> "u8": Replace "byte-vector" by "u8vector" and lone uccurrences of
>   "byte" to "u8" and "bytes" to "u8-some."
> Please vote on the list by following up on this message; a simple body
> consisting of "byte," "octet," or "u8" will suffice.

No, it won't.  My vote is as follows:

I *vastly* prefer either "u8" or "octet" to "byte."

I have a preference for "octet" over "u8", but it's not as strong.

And, if there are coherent actual live real honest-to-God and not
merely potential or possible proposals to have u16 or u32 or s8 or s16
or other such things, then I might well have no preference between
"octet" and "u8", or maybe a slight preference for "u8".