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Re: Revision of SRFI 66 available

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Hello Mike,

1. Poll: I do like the names. You might consider shortening "byte-vector"
to "bytes" (e.g. make-bytes, bytes, bytes-length, etc.); but that only makes
sense if you expect applications that really deal with byte vectors a lot (I/O
might be one of them.) Not sure I would do it myself; byte-vector is
unbeatably clear to anyone.

2. byte-vector=?: Would you consider replacing byte-vector=? by
byte-vector-compare---returning -1, 0 or 1 in the sense of SRFI-67
according to "vector-ordering" (i.e. by length, then lex.)?
    You can immediately store byte-vectors in efficient associative
data structures (heaps), and performance-wise it will be a nuissance
if anyone needs to implement it in Scheme later.

3. byte-vector-copy!: Should be required to work even if if source
and dest overlap in memory. (See example below.)

4. Notation "range [0, 255]" and "indices [source-start, source-start + n)":
How about "{0, ..., 255}" and "{source-start, ..., source-start + n - 1}"?

5. Typo: "Analogous to vector-ref" -> "Analogous to vector-set!".


--- code dump ---

; corrected copy!

(define (byte-vector-copy! source source-start target target-start count)
  (if (>= source-start target-start)
      (do ((i 0 (+ i 1))) ((= i count))
        (byte-vector-set! target
                          (+ target-start i)
                          (byte-vector-ref source (+ source-start i))))
      (do ((i (- count 1) (- i 1))) ((= i -1))
        (byte-vector-set! target
                          (+ target-start i)
                          (byte-vector-ref source (+ source-start i))))))

; try:
;  (let ((v (byte-vector 0 1 2)))
;    (byte-vector-copy! v 0 v 1 2)
;    (byte-vector-ref v 2)) ; => correct: 1, wrong: 0

; compare (without SRFI-67):

(define (byte-vector-compare byte-vector-1 byte-vector-2)
  (let ((length-1 (byte-vector-length byte-vector-1))
        (length-2 (byte-vector-length byte-vector-2)))
      ((< length-1 length-2) -1)
      ((> length-1 length-2)  1)
       (let loop ((i 0))
         (if (= i length-1)
             (let ((elt-1 (byte-vector-ref byte-vector-1 i))
                   (elt-2 (byte-vector-ref byte-vector-2 i)))
               (cond ((< elt-1 elt-2) -1)
                     ((> elt-1 elt-2)  1)
                     (else (loop (+ i 1)))))))))))

; with SRFI-67 ;-)

(define (byte-vector-compare byte-vector-1 byte-vector-2)
  (compare-vector compare-integer

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18-04-2005 18:07

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        Subject:        Revision of SRFI 66 available


A revision of SRFI 66 is available at the usual place:


It fixes a few typos and adds several procedures, BYTE-VECTOR=?,
BYTE-VECTOR-COPY! and BYTE-VECTOR-COPY, all distilled from the
comments on the mailing list.  (Many thanks for those comments!)

I haven't done anything yet wrt. the naming issue---that's still
pending.  I'd like to hold a little poll.  For that, it'd be helpful
if the camp in favor of "u8vector" could suggest names for what's

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, Völkerverständigung und überhaupt blabla