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Re: srfi 64 vs guile.

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r. clayton wrote:

I ran guile on a debian testing system updated weekly and did

  $ guile
  guile> (version)
  guile> (load "srfi-64.scm")
  guile> (load "t.scm")
  %%%% Starting test vec-test  (Writing full log to "vec-test.log")
  # of expected passes      2
  # of unexpected failures  1

Oops.  My fault.  Please try the attached patch.
	--Per Bothner
per@xxxxxxxxxxx   http://per.bothner.com/
Index: testing.scm
--- testing.scm	(revision 5381)
+++ testing.scm	(working copy)
@@ -646,7 +646,6 @@
      (let ()
        (if (%test-on-test-begin r)
 	   (let ()
-	     (test-result-set! r 'expected-value exp)
 	     (let ((res (%test-evaluate-with-catch expr)))
 	       (test-result-set! r 'actual-value res)
 	       (%test-on-test-end r res))))
@@ -725,11 +724,11 @@
        (let* ((r (test-runner-get))
 	      (name tname))
 	 (test-result-alist! r '((test-name . tname)))
-	 (%test-comp1body r expr)))
+	 (%test-comp1body r test-expression)))
       ((test-assert test-expression)
        (let* ((r (test-runner-get)))
 	 (test-result-alist! r '())
-	 (%test-comp1body r expr)))))
+	 (%test-comp1body r test-expression)))))
   (define-syntax %test-comp2
     (syntax-rules ()
       ((%test-comp2 comp tname expected expr)