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updated srfi-64 available

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Mu apologies to everyone for letting srfi-64 drag.  I finally have some time
(and will) to concentrate on getting it on:
I've asked the editors to upload the new files, but until they do
you can get them from http://per.bothner.com:
  scm-testing.html     (will be renamed to srfi-64.html)
  testing.scm          (reference implementation)
  srfi-64-test.scm     (meta testsuite)
  srfi-25-test.scm     (example testsuite)

A big help is that I used Donovan Kolbly's "meta-test-suite" to flush out
a number of errors, inconsistencies, and missing functionality.  The
uploaded version of his testsuite now runs cleanly using the updated
reference implementation under Kawa, at least.  There are some "expected
errors" due to some corner cases that need to be nailed down.  See
the "Issues" in the specification.  There is also an issue about how to
count and/or skip groups or test in groups, which we've discussed before,
but I need to look back on.
	--Per Bothner
per@xxxxxxxxxxx   http://per.bothner.com/