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SRFI 64 porting help: syntax-case experts needed

I'm still asking for full-featured ports to other Scheme
implementations.  Especially support for the 'source-form,
'source-file, and 'source-line properties since they depend
on heavy-duty and non-portable macrology!

Specially, the Kawa-specific code makes use of syntax-case
so it can extract the complete the source-form and get the
correct initial line number.  For example look at the first
Kawa-only implementation of test-equal. This code *shouldn't*
be Kawa-specific, except for the use of syntax-case and an
implementation hook for extracting the line number.  However,
I couldn't get this code to work under Guile, which suggests
I'm depending on artifacts of the Kawa implementation of
syntax-case.  Can somebody figure out how to rewrite this
code so it's more portable?
	--Per Bothner
per@xxxxxxxxxxx   http://per.bothner.com/