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SRFI-64 update

I've finally managed to move forwards on SRFI-64, and have made major
changes to both the implementation and specification:
- More and better-specified test-runner call-back functions.
- A specication and implementation of 'test-result' properties.
- A much-improved default test-runner (test-runner-simple), which
now includes all of the functionality of the old Kawa test framework.
- I converted one of the Kawa test programs to this new framework.
- Creating a GROUP-NAME.log file.

In addition, Alex Shinn provided some patches to provide better support
on Chicken, Gauche, Guile and SISC.  Unfortunately, I may have broken
these, and I'd like to ask people for help with portability.

For example, there is a large cond-expand starting at line 597.
The 'kawa branch makes uses of syntax-case to quite the entire
test-form, and extract set the 'source-form result property.
It appears my use of syntax-case is non-portable - at least I couldn't
get it to work under Guile, because of quoting problems.  Perhaps
someone more familiar with macrology could help?

The latest version is temporarily on my own site:
I'll ask the editors to install it - though I think it makes sense to
wait a few says so perhaps we can improve its portability a bit first.

The testing.scm file *does* work under Guile, so it should be at least
minimally portable.  However, the resulting log is a bit thin.
	--Per Bothner
per@xxxxxxxxxxx   http://per.bothner.com/