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Re: "Test results"

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On Tue, 16 Aug 2005, Per Bothner wrote:

Donovan Kolbly wrote:
On Mon, 15 Aug 2005, Per Bothner wrote:

A test runner maintains a set of "result properties" associated with
the current or most recent test.  (I.e. the properties of the
most recent test are available as long as a new test hasn't started.)

Each property has a name (a symbol) and a value (any value).
Some properties are standard or set by the implementation.

We should clarify the semantics of attempting to set a standard property. For example, is it legal to set the 'kind property?

I would say that is undefined.

That works for me.

(test-result-ref [runner] 'pname [default])

Hmm.  I think statically ambiguous interfaces are confusing.
If you see the following (admittedly poorly written) code fragment:

  (test-result-ref x y)

We can pick one. I'd say here x is the runner and y the 'pname.

Perhaps we should just make these [runner] arguments required.
It's important to have a convenient/terse syntax for test suites,
but there is little value in making test-runner code maximally terse.

Making the runner argument required seems like a good solution here.

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