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some updates in tseting spec and implementation

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I've made some updates to my "working copy":

- Fixes some typos reported by Donovan Kolby.
- Changes parameter order so expected first comes before operand.
- Moved optional count from test-end to test-begin.
- The PASS, FAIL, XPASS, XFAIL, SKIP symbols were lower-cased.
- Added test-approximate.
- A typograpical change: I've made the "definiing occurrence"
of some of the forms in build face.  Comments in the style are
welcome.  See the "Simple test-cases" section for examples.

I also updated the reference implementation:
This matches the changes klisted above.
In addition:
- There is a check that the number of tests matches the number
specified in a test-begin.
- The implementation of the "test-runner record type" has changed
to make it a little easier to add a new field.

I'll ask the Editors to update the official site later.  However,
there is another set of changes I might want to make first.
I'll discuss that in a separate message.
	--Per Bothner
per@xxxxxxxxxxx   http://per.bothner.com/