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Re: Meta-test suite

Donovan Kolbly wrote:

More crucially, there does not seem to be any way for a portable runner to
keep track of the nesting of test suites.

The API should probably have a way to get the value of (test-runner-group-path).
One detail: the latter has the suite-names in reverse order, since the
implementation uses a stack; a public function should probably return the
names in top-to-botton order.  That's a minor tweak.

I'm not sure yet what to
suggest for SRFI-64 to track suite nesting, but something along the lines
of a `test-runner-on-suite-begin!' and `test-runner-on-suite-end!' would
probably do it (*).

That might be useful for some things, though I don't think it should be needed
to keep track of the "group-path", which the framework should do.

[*] do you want to call these things "suites" or "groups"?  The
    terminology seems to vary from place to place, or am I still missing

Hm.  I think a "test suite" is a collection of tests, which consists of
individualt "test cases", which are usually grouped into "test groups".
A test-begin/test-end-pair together with whatever's between them is an
implicit/informal test group, while a test-group is an explicit test group.

A test suite is whatever gets run user a test runner.

Does that sound reasonable?  If so, "suite-name" should be "group-name".
	--Per Bothner
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