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Re: "Test results"

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Donovan Kolbly wrote:
Although, that doesn't work if we allow the semantics of "test-result-set!". If something like that is needed, then the abstraction is preferable.

I don't think that test-result-set! and test-result-clear need to be
part of the API - I suspect only the implementation needs them.
test-result-get would be needed in a test-runner - and possibly
in a test-suite (or at least something like test-passed?).

I'd even prefer clarifying when you can call a mutator: by default, I
wouldn't allow side-effects except in the extent of a custom runner hook
(as set with test-runner-on-test!), because I may want to export the
results out of the system when the custom runner completes.

Right.  I guess I could see a custom hook wanting to add extra information
(annotations), though I don't have a use case for that in mind.  I doubt
there'd be any use for modifying existing result properties.
	--Per Bothner
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