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Re: nested comments (please correct lexical scope)

> From: Robby Findler <robby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> It's just that #; working at the read-level is what makes it useful to me.
> If it works at the lexical level it would be strange. For example,
> parenthesis are typically individual lexemes, so this:
>   (a #;(a) b)
> would go to:
>   (a a) b)
> rather than:
>   (a b)

No more than:

   (a '(a) b) => (a (quote a)) b)

Which is doesn't as ' applies the lexically following <s-exp>,
thereby by applying the same conventions:

   (a #;(a) b) => (a {remove (a)} b) => (a b)

Just as:

   (a '(a) b) => (a {quote (a)} b) => (a (quote (a)) b)

Where {} denote operations/transforms applied by the "reader"