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#; syntax

The SCM Scheme implementation uses the "#;" syntax in a manner
incompatible with SRFI-62:


4.8.3 Documentation and Comments

 -- procedure: procedure-documentation proc
     Returns the documentation string of PROC if it exists, or `#f' if

     If the body of a `lambda' (or the definition of a procedure) has
     more than one expression, and the first expression (preceeding any
     internal definitions) is a string, then that string is the
     "documentation string" of that procedure.

          (procedure-documentation (lambda (x) "Identity" x))
          => "Identity"
          (define (square x)
              "Return the square of X."
              (* x x))
          => #<unspecified>
          (procedure-documentation square)
          => "Return the square of X."

 -- Function: comment string1 ...
     Appends STRING1 ... to the strings given as arguments to previous
     calls `comment'.

 -- Function: comment
     Returns the (appended) strings given as arguments to previous calls
     `comment' and empties the current string collection.

 -- Load syntax: #;text-till-end-of-line
     Behaves as `(comment "TEXT-TILL-END-OF-LINE")'.