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Re: SRFI-33 vs SLIB

Felix wrote:

> Especially since several Scheme imlementations (S48, Scsh, Chicken, PLT, ...)
> already use the SRFI-33 names. I consider it rather pointless to start
> even more diversification (since the SRFI-33 naming Scheme isn't in any
> way inferior - quite to the contrary). 

In all fairness, it's somewhat split.  Gauche, Guile and Kawa all use
the Common-Lisp names.  Bigloo, Chez, and MIT Scheme all use their own

In such a mixed state we should probably choose the names on their own
merit and readability.  I don't think we should provide any aliases
within the SRFI itself.

Personally, I strongly prefer the SRFI-33 names.