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Re: #\a octothorpe syntax vs SRFI 10

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This part of the Scheme standard (and the parts it refers to):

  #e #i #b #o #d #x
     These are used in the notation for numbers (section *note Syntax
     of numerical constants::.).

was a mistake.   It means, for example that


is a number whereas 


is not.  Yet the space of things that "fit in" with Scheme's top-level
approach to delimeters and identifiers suggests that every token of
the (abstractly stated) form


should be treated the same way.   In essense, the number syntax is a
very "selfish" allocation of the available syntactic space under
octothorpe (and now, in this thread, people seem to want to
recapitulate and lock-in that error).

Would it have killed people to write:



	#array (<array-spec> <data> ....)