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Re: performance tuning of srfi-57 implementations

On Sun, 19 Dec 2004, Per Bothner wrote:

As others have pointed out: the srfi-57 implementation is dog slow.

I know, this is an issue on most implementations (Chez being the only counterexample known to me). For now it provides a relatively portable proof of concept, but a low-level implementation would arguably be more useful.

In addition, I think it should be possible to tweak the code to
make it run faster on all/mot implementations.  Unfortuantely,
I don't pretend to understand the code (at least not yet),
but here are some ideas:

If you find that these help, please consider posting the tweaked code on this list.

I am hoping at some point someone will contribute a low-level macro implementation. That would be very useful to implementors. Unfortunately I personally will not have time to contribute one before finalization due to other obligations.