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Some comments...

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First of all: very nice SRFI. Nice and simple and straightforward!

A few comments:

- all the "write-..." procedures in the document are missing the "[port]"
- The section "Library Procedures" says something about bullets "(*)", but there
  are no bullets.
- "General Reading":

"Schemes are not required to support the full numeric tower, and in particular if they do not support bignums they are unlikely to be able to provide the full range of 32-bit values."

  That should mean SIZE is limited to whatever the implementation can handle, right?
  "32-bit" means "machine-word size", I assume.

- Since there are Schemes that provide only fixnums and flonums, I would make
  [read|write]-[binary|network]-[s|u]int64 optional, as does SRFI-4.
- Actually, I think [read|write]-ber-integer should be thrown out, they belong
  into a different SRFI.
- the links to the ref. implementation and test-suite are broken.