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Re: Truth in advertising

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At Fri, 25 Jun 2004 11:11:38 -0500, Alan Watson wrote:
> However, I think it would be reasonable to explicitly state in the SRFI
> document whether a SRFI (a) can be implemented using only R5RS features;
> (b) can be implemented in all common Schemes using non-R5RS features; or
> (c) cannot be implemented in all common Schemes.
> Obviously, "all common Schemes" is open to interpretation, but it should
> certainly include Scheme48, and so, in the spirit of full disclosure,
> SRFI-55 should include a statement along the lines of (c).

It sounds like you are suggesting additional process for the SRFI
mechanism itself. Perhaps that question should be posed in a more
general forum, where the SRFI process authors would read and respond?